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My journey from Stress to Biotech to Mindfulness – Part I

December is ordinarily one of my favorite times of the year — what with my extended vacation, Christmas, family, decorations, and just all the joys the season brings. But this past one was different — I was stressed…about work, about … Continue reading

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Book Review – Star Trek Discovery: Desperate Hours

Published essentially in tandem with Star Trek: Discovery’s premiere (Jan. 24, 2017), Desperate Hours (Jan. 26, 2017) pairs characters Michael Burnham and Spock, as well as Captains Philippa Georgiou and Christopher Pike, working alongside one another to solve a crisis brewing on … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman, American Hero?

Self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was acquitted in the wrongful death of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin. In response, Zimmerman’s brother Robert Jr. tweeted, “Today… I’m proud to be an American.” I am proud to be an American every day. The … Continue reading

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No, You May Not Touch My Hair

The first time it happened, I was in the lobby of a casino at a Lake Tahoe Resort passing the time before departing after a week of skiing.  Out the blue a woman proclaimed,“Your hair is so beautiful!  May I … Continue reading

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Genealogy for the Common Man

Back when I was in the fourth grade, my teacher tasked the class with drafting our family trees.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was probably one of the most valuable lessons I was ever given, and the … Continue reading

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Risky moves pay off for H…

Risky moves pay off for Harbaughs The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens trailed at halftime of their respective conference cha… bingnews://application/view?entitytype=article&pageId=0&contentId=267740483&market=en-us With great risk comes great reward. Congrats to the brothers Harbaugh for making that which is old, new … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin: It’s Not About Race or Fashion, but Action and Consequence

Seventeen year old Trayvon Martin was gunned down in the street on his way from a convenience store several weeks ago.  Pundits and other talking heads have taken the opportunity of the young man’s death to publicly decry the Florida … Continue reading

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My Victory Over the “System Check” Computer Virus

What do Blue Buffalo Dog Food and nasty computer viruses have to do with one another? Before today, I would have answered, “Nothing.” But from one of the dog food review sites flagged as “safe” by both McAfee and PC … Continue reading

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The GOP Presidential Race — We know drama

Winners and losers, rises and falls, spirited and not-so spirited debates, allegations and innuendo.  And now … bobbing for endorsements with Donald. I have watched the drama surrounding the question of who will and will not participate in the Trump debate with admittedly … Continue reading

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And then there were seven…

The field of GOP Presidential candidates was winnowed by one today when accomplished businessman Herman Cain announced that he was suspending his campaign.  It is not particularly surprising that Cain did not turn out to be the proverbial last man … Continue reading

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