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My Victory Over the “System Check” Computer Virus

What do Blue Buffalo Dog Food and nasty computer viruses have to do with one another? Before today, I would have answered, “Nothing.” But from one of the dog food review sites flagged as “safe” by both McAfee and PC … Continue reading

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The GOP Presidential Race — We know drama

Winners and losers, rises and falls, spirited and not-so spirited debates, allegations and innuendo.  And now … bobbing for endorsements with Donald. I have watched the drama surrounding the question of who will and will not participate in the Trump debate with admittedly … Continue reading

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And then there were seven…

The field of GOP Presidential candidates was winnowed by one today when accomplished businessman Herman Cain announced that he was suspending his campaign.  It is not particularly surprising that Cain did not turn out to be the proverbial last man … Continue reading

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